Jad Fair (music for 'Meet Me In Wichita and Evil of Dracula and others')
Boredoms (guest on the recording 'This Is International Telecom')
Felix Kubin (music for 'Waschdrang Mama and Big Bug Attack)
Deerhoof (music for 'Wrong Time Capsule')
99 Hooker (music for 'Busdriver, I Cant Keep Up!, What's On?)
V. Vale (piano on 'Meet Me In Wichita')
Haleh Abghari (singer on 'Destiny Manifesto)
Nathan Whipple Records (piano on 'Destiny Manifesto')
Hilary Jeffery (Music for 'Cosmetic Emergency' and XXX Amsterdam)
Vision into Art(group collaborators for 'Dispell' live performance)
Martha Colby(Cellist on 'Don't Kill the Weather Man!')
Greg Purnhagen (Baritone singer on 'Don't Kill the Weather Man!')
Serj Tankian (Music video made for his solo album)
Michael Evans Sounds (music for 'Dispell' and 'DON'T KILL THE WEATHER MAN!')
André Pahl (graphic designer)
Jordan Bruner (assistant and animator)
Megaphone Records (label of Jason Willett – half of 'The Dramatics')
Friendly Rich(music for 'Friendly Fire')
David Shrigley
Craig Baldwin
R. Stevie Moore
Mick Hobbs (music on 'Cosmetic Emergency')
Vivian Wong (animator)
Softboxphoto (photographer, animation stand helper builder)
record label by friend Todd Ledford
Vivian Wong (animator)
Lisa Oppenheim (filmmaker friend)
band/ collaborators
Laura Ortman (saw player on Myth Labs)
Ryan lone wolf Sawyer (drummer on Myth Labs)
Diana Stigter (gallery in Amsterdam)
The Film-Makers' Cooperative (New York Film Distributor)
Vivian Wong (Dutch film distributorc)
Filmbank (Dutch film distributor)
Anthology Film Archives (Film Archive of material)
Andrew Lampert (filmmaker friend)
Raha Raissnia (amazing artist)
releases records of the Dramatics
Coral Sound (recorded the soundtracks of several films)
Suzie Q (project space in Zurich, Switzerland)
Nieuwe Vide (awesome performance venue in Netherlands)
Frindge Online (A website of film info)
Thollem McDonas (pianist on Triumph of the Wild and he's a musical Super Hero)
Knalpot / Raphael Vanoli (guitar/casio/electronics), Gerri Jäger (drums/dubs)
Nick de Witt - musician and wanderer
Lumberob - Rob Erickson (Lumberob) is a writer and a performer and a musician and a student and a teacher and a father. We do live projection and music shows.
Marionettes of Satan - amazing band - we make collages and shadow puppet shows together.
The Ruins - an amazing duo (and sometimes solo) project of Yoshida Tatsuya (drums, vocals) and Sasaki Hisashi (bass) - played with the Dramatics in 1990's
Brute Force and Daughter of Force