Myth Labs
2008- Art Statements; Art Basel, Basel,Switzerland
Shown with Diana Stigter Galerie (Holland)

The film ‘Myth Labs’ was comprised of approximately 40 panels, some of which were up to ten feet long. Basically the film was one continuous painted landscape/ interior/ fantasy-scape, which as seen in this exhibition, is broken into sections for presentation. The collages in the installation are three dimensional (or rather 2 1/2 D) with receding and protruding paper and acetate layers.


Based on ‘The Pilgrimage of the Soul' by Guillaume De Digulleville 1437 - in the collection of the Rosenbach Museum and Archive in Philidelphia, PA. A commissioned project by the museum. ‘The Pilgrimage of the Soul’ is a French medieval illuminated manuscript; a moralizing Christian romance, one in which death is always looming. I selected various characters and narratives from the manuscript and cut them into a modern landscape of environmental catastrophe.

Baritone singer: Greg Purnhagen
Cellist: Martha Colby
Foley effects: Mike Evans

Sundance Film Festival
New Frontiers Program
Installation ' Meet Me In Wichita'
Film Projection and murals
Park City, UT

The installation features Ms.Colburn’s latest film work ‘Meet Me In Wichita’ and places it in an environment she creates using hand painted wall murals. This work throws Osama Bin Laden into the fairytale Land of Oz. (note: the paintings shown here were only lit by the projection).

Film, slide and mural installations

New Zealand Film Museum 2004