anti-fracture mining film for WBAI radio

Martha Colburn feature in "Art in America"

Triumph of the Wild

Sean Lennon, Greg Sauniers and Martha Colburn performing
Texas, March 2011

Dolls VS Dictators
(1 minute edit of 11 minute film)
(alternate edit with Deerhoof soundtrack)
To hear original soundtrack composed by Greg Saunier visit the Museum of Moving Image

Music by Knalpot

Museum of the Moving Image, Queens NY
JAN 15. 2011
Live music and film event by Martha Colburn and friends.
for the opening event -Signal to Noise-

on youtube:
- turn your computer volume down , unless you want to jump out of your seat.!

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Rotterdam Film Festival 2011
Triumph of the Wild - 35mm. 11 minutes.

Autumn 2011
Military History Museum by Daniel Libeskind in Dresden
Letter from Desden (PDF)

November 2010 collaboration with composer Felipe Waller at Verkade Fabriek, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

New film clip on Youtube with Felix Kubin:

Flikr page!

Bookmercial- for Stephen O'Connor- music by Nick de Witt



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Article on SF MOMA NOV
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The NEA In The Age Of Obama
Who Will Benefit From The Value Of Creativity by artist Nayana Glazier- an article in conversation with Stephan Cahill, Martha Colburn, Ric Sanchez and Elyse Goldberg.

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Louisville, KY Weekly Feb 2009

Music Video for Serj Tankian (made in 2007)

Music Video for Friendly Rich ( Canada) (made in 2006)

Article in Dutch Handelsblad by. Sandra Smallenburg. Feb.2009

'New and Old' by Ies and Lies. March 2009
Martha Colburn and Hieronymus Bosch
'The folly of the present versus the folly of the past'

Review of MATRIX, Berkeley Museum of Art gallery show, 2008

New York Foundation for the Arts interview- 2006

View Martha's new music video for Deer Hoof's new album 'The Runners Four'.